South Denver Psychotherapy provides counseling. Psychotherapy can help you!

Counseling Services at South Denver Psychotherapy, LLC

South Denver Psychotherapy provides positive counseling for individual men and women; single, married, partnered and/or divorced. We also provide couples counseling, marriage counseling, pre-marriage counseling, relationship counseling, and divorce mediation counseling.

Counseling can help you!

  • Counseling can lead to greater personal understanding.
  • A counselor can provide the skills and insights to deal with your difficulties. When practiced these skills help you heal. This healing makes possible a happier, healthier and peaceful life. This healing is restorative and will help you grow.
  • Counseling provides you with the tools to change negative and destructive patterns that inhibit your relationships and success in a variety of areas of your life. These tools can help you achieve positive outcomes now and in the future.
  • A counselor can help you rediscover your authentic self; that person who makes you most comfortable in your own skin. Learn your core beliefs and help them to guide your toward success and peace and fulfillment.


We counsel individuals, both women and men, and couples providing affirming psychotherapy for a variety of issues including:

Depression Anxiety & Panic Mental health issues Lifestyle and values counseling
Loneliness Low self esteem Abuse & Trauma Mindfullness
Personal growth Men’s issues Weight Loss Counseling Relationship counseling
Procrastination Life’s transitions Divorce counseling Communication problems
Infidelity Mid life crisis Marriage counseling Personal health issues
Grief & Loss Shame & Guilt Eye Movement Desensitization (EMDR) Teen counseling
Job loss Life Coaching Weight loss & control Mood disorders
Stress Women’s issues Couples counseling Emotions & anger

Counseling can help you in many ways.

Foremost, counseling can help you define yourself. Following another’s path is never comfortable and depletes your energy. Knowing your core self, your strengths and knowing what makes you happy will energize you. That knowledge becomes the compass to direct your life choices.

Additionally, counseling can help you deal with life’s challenges. Counseling will help you distinguish which parts of your challenge are under your control and those that are not controllable. Counseling can help you resolve the conflicting choices one has that can make moving forward difficult. Then counseling will help you develop the tools necessary to either make changes or to cope with that which you have no power to control.

Counseling can help you heal and improve your relationships. Whether there is stress in a marriage, a committed relationship, close friends or family, counseling can help you sort through the barriers to fulfilling relationships. Good relationships require trust and the feeling of acceptance. If a relationship is lacking trust and acceptance, respect, compassion and fun are often missing as well. Trust is a primary ingredient for an intimate relationship. If trust is diminished, we work to re-build that trust. We will work to accept and be accepted. We will explore the ways to nurture those important connections you have with other people. From that foundation of trust, everything is possible.

Counseling provides the on-going support to stay on track, follow your path and employ your tools for success.

Having a counselor focus on only you, someone who is really listening and accepting, can be tremendously reassuring. With reassurance, you can gain strength to employ your new knowledge to meet and deal with life. Everyone’s counseling or therapy experience is different. It is the one place that you can go at your own pace, discover what is important to you, and take chances with out fear of loss.

The methods and persectives used are client dependent, adjusted according to your needs. Among the techniques utilized are emotionally focused therapy, solution focused therapy, EMDR for trauma, DBT groups, family systems, insight therapy, support and coaching.

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