How to Survive a Family Vacation

The calendar is marked and the tickets are purchased. Summer is here and that family vacation you have been looking forward to is on its way. Despite your expectations, and all of the marketing that pictures smiling families and bright sandy beaches, family vacations can often come with a lot of stress.

This is completely normal! However, there are few basic things to keep in mind to ensure that you have as much fun as possible.

Realistic Compassion Is as Essential as Your Travel-Size Toothpaste.

The stress that comes with traveling and spending a significant amount of time together can be overwhelming. The chaos of being on the move, the tedium of long hours in the car or the airport, worry about expensive lodging and meals, disagreements on activities, and the sheer difficulty of getting everyone together and organized are just a few of the issues families commonly encounter.

As you go through the day, take a deep breath and take a good hard look at those around you. It’s ok to be anxious and nervous, and it’s also ok for those around you to feel the same way. Be realistic, and remember that everyone will decompress at different stages of the trip.

Be in the Now!

Sure, having your tablet, laptop, and smart phone is great while you are on the go. But, once you get to you destination, PUT THEM AWAY! No matter how behind you are at work, or stressed about unfinished projects at home, it can wait. Take the opportunity to enjoy the time you have with your family; you will be better for it.

Enjoy the moment, immerse yourself in it, embrace it. Don’t long for the next place to see, or the next activity, or for that hour when you can use the hotel Wi-Fi. Just live and enjoy yourself while you have the chance.

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