Summertime Blues – More than A Song

Summer is in full swing with fun activities keeping the schedule exciting and busy, but are you feeling down and constantly trying to catch up? Don’t worry. You are not alone! Many people experience the summer blues – formally called seasonal affective disorder (SAD). It is commonly experienced in the winter season, but can also be seen in the summer months. There are several symptoms to look for before you seek out help. These symptoms include:

Weight Loss

In the winter season, those who are depressed or have SAD generally gain weight. It is the opposite in summer. You may find you are not eating as regularly or as often as you did in the spring. If you are always on the go, finding the time to eat regularly is difficult. Try keeping snacks in the car or with you and eat smaller meals every couple of hours.


Stress can be a leading factor in how you feel. Worrying about bills and paying for extra summer activities causes stress to build up. Others expectations of a perfect summer can cause a large amount of stress on you. If you find yourself overwhelmed, make a calendar of bill payments, what day of the week is family night, and other commitments. Setting up a small routine can help reduce the stress in your life.


Are your continuous thoughts making it difficult to sleep? This is not uncommon in summertime SAD. With a chaotic schedule and the family going in different directions every day, it can be difficult to rest peacefully at night. Writing lists can help de-clutter your mind. Before you go to bed write down what is on your mind and leave it all on the paper.

If your symptoms get worse or do not seem to be letting up it may be time to seek out help. South Denver Psychotherapy offers depression counseling and can help you beat the summertime blues. We have the best psychologist in Denver and want to work with you! Stop on by or check us out at to get your summer started.