Adapting Female Identities to Include Their Dreams

With the many hats women wear these days, it’s no wonder females often lose their sense of identity while trying to adhere to societal standards.  Mothers who once pursued professional careers may find themselves wrapped up in the everyday lives of their children, thus neglecting personal hopes and dreams.  Young girls growing up with ambitious goals may fear chasing lofty careers because of outside pressures to be more “domestic.”  How can women identify which outside pressures are worth listening to, and which should be disregarded?  And where can women draw the line between balancing who they are as females and protecting their goals?

First, each woman must consider herself as an individual.  A thorough soul-searching session should produce a clear picture of what she wants in life.  If her goal is to be a lady in the workforce, paving entrepreneurial paths for herself and others, she should embrace it.

However, she must also consider herself as a family unit.  Who are the most important people in her life, and how can she incorporate them into her plans?  Oftentimes, there is a way to have one’s cake and eat it too, but there may be compromise involved.

For instance, in aiming to work for a Fortune 500 company, a single woman has virtually unlimited options.  The more domestic responsibilities a woman has, however, the more limitations she may encounter.  These, however, should not require her to forfeit every chance of having her dream job.  Even with children and a husband, a female can learn to forge a life she enjoys.  Without sacrificing dreams altogether, a modern woman can sit down and have a discussion with her support group—those whom she loves and who have her best interests at heart, not outside parties who blindly judge and condemn—and figure out how to make at least a portion of that dream come true.

The key is to consider all your options and choose the best course for you.  Then, block out all the voices that do not matter, and move forward in whatever plan of action works for you and your family.  Consider making South Denver Psychotherapy’s counseling services for women part of your network in helping you reach your goals, and call today to start becoming the best YOU possible.