Why Couple’s Counseling is More than a Last Resort

Couple's Therapy

Learning to live with your spouse is never easy. Every person has their quirks, bad days, coping mechanisms (good or bad) and past baggage. All this comes together to form a complex person who may not always be easy to be with. In many relationships, we don’t address the little things that are bothersome. They pile up, leading to explosive fights, disinterest, a lack of intimacy, affairs and sometimes divorce. This is where couple’s therapy is extremely helpful. Instead of waiting until things get really bad, think of couple’s therapy as a way to maintain a healthy, happy relationship.

Good marriage counseling is helpful in that it gives a knowledgeable, third-party view on your relationship. A counselor can see things that you can’t and help by pointing them out to you. Some examples are:

  • Reasons and history behind reactions
  • Intentions
  • Consequences of certain words and actions
  • Hidden, un-voiced expectations
  • Options you haven’t thought of
  • Beliefs you may not realize you have
  • Relationship patterns

Couple’s therapy really helps you get past the hurt and frustration and see what is behind it. Maybe the way you were raised causes you to fear being wrong or giving a bad suggestion. Because of this, you’re afraid to give a real answer when your spouse asks for your opinion. Since you “don’t” have an opinion, your spouse goes ahead and makes one that you don’t agree with. To your spouse, this is confusing because it seems like you didn’t care or have anything to suggest. But couple’s therapy can help reveal your fear of saying the wrong thing and help you both work through that.

Misunderstandings like these are extremely common – whether in an intimate relationship or not. As a society, we have labeled couple’s therapy or marriage counseling as a sign that your marriage isn’t doing well, but this isn’t true! If you simply desire to improve your relationship, couple’s therapy can be extremely helpful.  Feel free to check out our Couple’s Counseling page or Contact Us to set up an appointment.