EMDR Therapy

EMDR therapy is a method to lessen the effects of trauma on a person. Traumas can be defined as big traumas, such as abuse, car accidents, and exposure to violence, anything that feels life threatening at the time. Small traumas are not necessarily life threatening but often life changing such as a break up, a devastating comment from a loved one, a betrayal, loss of job, etc.

When things happen to us, exciting things and traumatic things, we experience it in our whole body. We feel the emotions such as excitement and/or fear spontaneously. Over time, we mull the experiences in our minds and even if the memory is still vivid, we lose the full physical and emotional impact it had on us. Other events might remind us of the memory but we don’t feel like we are “there again”.

For some reason, traumatic events can “get stuff” in the part of the brain that feels like we are actually reliving the event. This is what happens in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). For events that affect us this way, we didn’t finish the processing of the events so it becomes part of our narrative instead of reliving the experience over and over.

In a counseling office, in a place where trust and safety is established, EMDR therapy can be used to help the memory along, help make sense of it or accept it. It can be used to speed recovery.

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For more detailed information about EMDR Therapy, visit www.emdria.org.


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