Face-to-Face: How to Establish Healthy Boundaries on Social Media Volume 2

When to Click the Share Button:  How to Deal with Personal Issues on Facebook

Last week, we talked extensively about how to handle varying opinions on social media.  This week we continue the discussion, and talk about being respectful of personal boundaries while surfing social networks.

Everyone’s Boundaries are Different.

While “never post anything you don’t want your grandma to read,” is always a good rule, the truth is that everyone’s boundaries are different. Just because one person is comfortable sharing something doesn’t mean that everyone else is. This is perfectly normal. In this case, make sure you leave the news sharing up to the individual. If someone wants to mention their pregnancy, loss of a loved one, significant weight loss, wrecked car, job loss,newjob,new spouse or anything else that can be ranked as private leave it to them to share it.

You Never Know Who is Reading.

No matter how big or small, there are always consequences when you post or tweet something. The big thing to remember is that you never know who is reading it. Just as everyone’s boundaries are different, everyone’s privacy settings are different too.  Because of this, it’s best to think of everything you share on someone else’s page as public.  Bosses, future employers, insurance, spouses, friends, relatives and strangers could all be perusing the things you post. So please, act accordingly.

Careful in the Comment Section.

It may seem like social media is a dark and scary place, but there are many instances where it is positive, informative, beautiful and downright inspiring. It is up to you to make it that way. If you have a friend who is facing a tough transition or an exciting new happening, we recommend keeping it simple and supportive. Saying “thinking of you” is an excellent way to be supportive without adding all of the drama that can sometimes happen on these sites. Whatever you are tweeting, tagging, or chatting about, respect your own boundaries and the boundaries of others. Keep the web and social networks a safer and more inspiring place.

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