Family Vacations Benefit Mental and Physical Health

If someone told you he or she held the key to your happiness and success, would you be interested in hearing what it is?  Well, the key is simple: it’s play.  Balancing a complicated work life with adequate amounts of play can change your whole world.  The hard part is allotting yourself time to relax.  That’s why scheduling quality experiences for yourself and your family this summer is highly encouraged.  Vacation is not merely “something to do:” it’s actually crucial for maintaining your wellbeing, strengthening the family bond, and re-energizing your work ethic.

First of all, setting aside time to drop everything but pleasure benefits your personal health.  High levels of stress wear on your body over time, leading to possible indigestion and infection.  Stress weakens the immune system’s ability to fight off sickness and also makes sleep difficult.  Overall, this can lead to irritability and moodiness, causing you to isolate yourself from friends and family who care about you.  Vacations are a time to leave physical stress behind.  The best and most beneficial vacations are those in which you get outside your comfort zone and take a little risk, do something you may not usually do.  New adventures make the truest adventures.

Secondly, vacations benefit the entire family.  Whether you choose a “stay-cation” or a tropical destination, spending quality time creates a “crescive bond” (a shared experience).  This tightens the family niche and helps expand horizons. Children witnessing their parents and grandparents laughing and having a good time sends a powerful positive message about enjoying life.  It also teaches them how to consider and coordinate with others.

Last but not least, bona fide vacations contribute to increased workflow upon return to the office.  If you get away from the office fully, you will more likely be ready to come back to work fully and bring a new angle to the table, adding fresh depth and perspective to whatever conversations you develop.

If you are having trouble prioritizing family or personal time this summer, let South Denver Psychotherapy help you unwind.  Our Denver psychotherapists are here to talk you through whatever predicament you may be facing, and we offer multiple counseling services for your wellbeing.