GLBT Counseling

gay men

South Denver Psychotherapy provides affirmative and supportive counseling to individuals who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transsexual as well as gay couples counseling.

We believe all people need to live authentically in order to lead fulfilling, happy, and productive lives.

The LGBT community faces unique pressures from the underlying homophobia in our culture. In addition, this homophobia can be internalized and become self hatred, isolation, and mistrust. It can prevent the personal contentment necessary for a happy life and fulfilling relationships.

LGBT counseling can help you separate a culturally influenced oppression from that which is self-imposed. We can help you find the fundamental value of self, which includes the value of your sexual orientation.

Counseling can help you decide whether to come out, how you would like to deal with coming out, and the extent to which you want to reveal your orientation. Counseling can help you in the process of developing a positive gay identity. It is also a place where there is no pressure to self identify until and unless you are ready.

Counseling can give you support while you negotiate your relationship with your family and build a family of support with friends. Developing a safe environment for you to flourish and grow is important for all people and especially those who may feel shamed by their sexual orientation. The emphasis is on the awareness that homophobia has on you as a gay person, not your orientation per se.

Counseling at South Denver Psychotherapy takes into account the effects of your orientation while also dealing with the myriad of issues individuals or couples may deal with, including:

Depression Couples counseling Communication problems
• Infidelity • Relationship counseling Anxiety & Panic Attacks
• Job loss • Parenting differences • Life transitions and major life changes
• Abuse & trauma • Infidelity • Loss of love and close friends
• Coming out • Lack of intimacy • Sexual dissatisfaction
• Retirement • Self Esteem • Financial issues
• Discontent • Mental health issues • Dissatisfaction with life
• Health issues • Grief • Dealing with discrimination
• Mid life issues • Ageism
• Values clarification • Aging parents

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