“Live like there’s no tomorrow.”

We’ve all heard these types of phrases. These are great, motivational one-liners but actually living in the moment takes practice. To take advantage of this important concept, we need practical, real-life tips. Employing these will help shift our view to apply this in our living instead of letting it slip through one ear and out the other.

Focus on right now.

In this age of everything high-speed at our fingertips, it is hard for to slow down, put away the phone, turn off the computer and TV and just focus on whatever or whoever is in front of you. Even taking pictures of our food or of the moment can keep you from actually enjoying it. Instead, you’re thinking ahead of how you’ll compose the picture, who to tag or who will make comments and what people’s reactions may be.

It may seem like a small thing, but living in the moment can actually reduce stress, give you higher self-esteem and more joy. So next time you’re tempted to Instagram your food or have the TV going on in the background while a friend is visiting, take a moment to consider whether all that is really necessary. Do what you need to do to eliminate that distraction (Turn the TV off, put your phone in another room or leave it in the car) and enjoy what is in front of you. You’ll be surprised how liberating it is!

Be thankful.

This sounds simple, but it is easier said than done. When was the last time you thanked a friend for making you smile? Or, if you’ve been given more work than you can handle, you’re still thankful you have a job? Being thankful and expressing it right when you feel it is a great way to live in the moment. And if you’re in a negative situation, considering all the good things in your life can help bring you into a positive mindset.

Stop worrying.

All you have right now is today. There is no point worrying about the future because it is out of your control and every moment you spend worrying about the future is a moment wasted in the present.  Instead of wasting the current moment, focus on what you can do right then to solve an existing problem or improve the now. If there is nothing you can do, then don’t think about it. Distract yourself by reading a book, calling a friend or getting some exercise. As you learn to disregard those worrisome thoughts, you will find yourself enjoying and fully experiencing the life that is in front of you.

Live in the moment