Review of book “The Seven Levels of Intimacy” by Mathew Kelly

I recommend this book for those trying to get greater satisfaction out of their relationships, be they friends, family, or your partner in life. Though this book is aimed at primary relationships, I find it helpful in all relationships.

We all have other people in our lives and times without a primary relationship. The knowledge imparted in this book can help give direction and motivation to maintaining those other relationships even when your preoccupied. The book helps give direction to deepening casual friendships and the reality of the limits of others without giving them up.

Of course, this book is very helpful and inspiring to that illusive goal of deep intimacy and yet it is more. It can motivate one to learn about our own needs, to ask for what we need and become curious of our loved ones needs.

The book is organized as ever deepening levels of intimacy with the 7th level something to strive for even in small snippets of reality. I have observed couples that would meet a very high levels of intimacy in some areas while others subjects are taboo or so conflictual, they stay on the surface. That being said, all levels described have their value. We each provide for each other in various capacities. Even within a relationship, the intimacy level can vary from day to day.

Read this book, have it be your guiding light and not a source of comparison to what one “should” be doing and take it slow. Real intimacy can take a lifetime. Pam

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