Solutions for Anger Management

When you hear of someone going to counseling or therapy, a picture of a woman often comes to mind. Although majority of the population that visit a counselor are women, men should not be left out of the picture. Society hands an enormous amount of pressure on the men – providing for his family, handling discipline issues with children, and maintaining healthy communication with his wife. But who is there for them?

If you find yourself easily angered or irritated, men’s anger management is a simple and easy solution. Talking with a neutral party through the feelings and triggers can be beneficial. Counseling is for those moments and learning how to effectively communicate to your partner without “losing your cool”. Relationship counseling is a safe way to communicate what you feel and learn how to work through tough situations. Before seeing a counselor, there are several techniques you can use when you are feeling angry:

  • Eliminate negative words – focus on using positive words instead of words such as, no, can’t, or don’t
  • Take deep breaths – slowing down your breaths allows more oxygen into your brain
  • Identify what easily angers you – knowing what situations or topics anger you will allow you to plan ahead of time and prepare for a tough conversation
  • Find a solution – if a situation is making you angry, look for a simple solution such as taking a break for a quick, 10 minute walk around the neighborhood

Talking to someone about your anger management can be the first step to a healthier relationship.

Anger is a real feeling and is acceptable to feel. There are healthy and creative ways to manage the angry feelings. When you see or feel your anger is becoming out of control, it may be time to visit Christina Kelly, a psychologist in Denver. Christina specializes in Dialectical behavior Therapy and is willing to talk to you. Contact her at (720) 308-8417 today. You can also look at our other psychologists here. Don’t let anger control your life.