South Denver Movie Night: Short Videos to Help Us Remember we are not alone


It is one of the biggest feelings that we experience when we suffer from a mental illness or even just challenging periods of their lives. With the stigmas and taboos that circle around mental illness like dust devils before an afternoon thunderstorm, it can be scary to share what we are feeling because we fear the repercussions.

Despite this, it is essential to remember and easy to forget that we are not alone. There are millions of us who face similar things every single day. So this week, we are posting five videos sharing the power of being vulnerable, the bravery of telling your story and the truth that many of us face emotional and mental struggles every day.

On Vulnerability

To start things off, we thought we think you should chat with one of the experts to understand the power and beauty behind vulnerability.

Facing the Black Dog

These two videos find beauty, wonder and awe in both their own battle with depression and the fighting spirit in those they meet along the way.

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