A Spook-Free Halloween

It’s the time of year when ghosts and goblins run amok, and we praise children for looking extra scary when they knock on our door while trick-or-treating. However, for many kids, the scare doesn’t just end at Halloween, and it can make it hard for them to sleep and cause other problems. Most of the things that kids fear are dictated by the adults around them or the environment they are in. We have made a quick list of the things that kids are often afraid of, and how to overcome those fears.

1. Ghosts and Darkness

Ghosts and darkness go hand-in-hand. Kids are often most afraid of these two when they are about to go to sleep at night. The best thing to do to overcome this fear is to explain to your kids that ghosts are not real and cannot hurt them. Do not let them watch scary movies, especially when it’s close to bedtime, because they can be a triggering factor. You should also invest in a night-light.

2. Thunder and Lightning

Fear of thunder and lightning is also common among children. Let your kids watch educational programs that feature thunder and lightning, so they can see what causes them. You can also explain that these are an everyday part of nature. Reading some books about thunder and lightning will also help them to understand what thunder and lightning are, and why they happen.

3. Clowns and Mascots

Kids are often afraid of clowns and mascots, especially when it’s their first time seeing them. Kids have wild imaginations, and they often see clowns and mascots as scary things because of how weird they look. The best way for kids to overcome this fear is by interacting with them, but do not force them to do so. Allow them some time to adjust as needed when they first encounter any strange, new thing. Also, explain to them that clowns and mascots are harmless, and that they are meant to be fun and silly.

The things that kids are afraid of can be a challenge to handle; if you need help from professionals, call South Denver Psychotherapy. Don’t miss our other blogs, since they have useful tips and resources you won’t want to miss.