Teens and Mental Health: A Guide for Parents.

Adolescence is a period of critical social and emotional development.

It can also be a period of rebellion, anger, mood swings, misbehavior, and outright disrespect.

Rest assured, this type of behavior is completely normal in teens and isn’t by any means a reflection on you as a parent.

In addition to teen psychotherapy and family counseling services, there are several ways you can help your teen get through this challenging time. Here is a list of three strategies to get you started as recommended the Child Development Institute:

  1. Give your teen some space. During adolescence, teenagers often wish to assert their independence from their parents. Show your teen that you trust them and respect their boundaries. Don’t completely ignore them, of course, but do give them the space to develop into their own people.
  1. Open parent-child communication. Make sure that your teen knows that you are always there for them if they ever need to talk. They should feel safe coming to you and expressing their thoughts and feelings. Even if you don’t completely agree with their opinions or totally understand what they’re going through, simply listening to them and showing them that you are open to considering their viewpoints can make all the difference.
  1. Encourage extracurricular participation. Teens are often struggling to discover who they are and to find their place in the world. Encourage them to try out different activities, figure out what interests them, and allow them to pursue what they love. Taking part in activities that we enjoy has a positive effect on mental health. Showing your teen that you want them to succeed in the activities they care about is not only beneficial for their mental health, but also for your parent-child relationship.

Adolescence is a confusing and anxiety-provoking period, but it is not forever. If you do seek further support, South Denver Psychotherapy provides both individual teen counseling and family counseling services to help teens and their parents navigate this complicated time period. You are always welcome to contact us to learn more.


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