The role of anger

One of my go-to sayings in my counseling practice is “Anger: a vital sourse of energy, motivation and positive change in the world (Colin Ross)”. I use it to help remind myself and my clients to use their anger for their benefit and to reinforce the position that there is nothing wrong with having emotions, anger included. It is the ability to use our emotions as an asset that is important. Emotions give us the first hint of that something is different or needs changing. Anger can tell us that that there is something unjust. Of course not always. It can signal us to re-evaluate our own interpretations as sometimes the emotions are from old lingering values. Or it could be a protective emotion too, protecting us from more vulnerable feelings such as hurt or fear.
When you get angry, it is helpful to allow the feeling to come, without looking for blame, observe what the trigger was, decide what you want to change, others treatment of you or your own response to the situation. You can then ask rationally for help in changing the situation if that is possible. If not, accepting that some things will not change and decide if you live with that.

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