Warning signs of bullying

teen bullying

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Summer is wrapping up and that means school is starting up again. Do you have a teenager entering high school? Or a child heading back for his last year in elementary school? Whatever the age, it is always a good idea to be on the watch for any bullying your child may be subject to. Unfortunately, bullying is more common than most people think and with the amount of unconventional homes on the rise, it can leave kids feeling insecure, teach them how to dominate other kids and many other, troubling behaviors. If your child is displaying any of the following warning signs, pay attention. Every child has an ‘off’ day, but if you start seeing a pattern in their behavior, this may be an indication of bullying.

  • Unexplained cuts, bruises and scrapes or loosing of school supplies, lunches, clothing or money.
  • Torn clothing or damaged personal possessions
  • Suddenly fearful of riding the bus or being left alone
  • No longer wants to be at school, or in activities with other peers
  • Complaints of headaches and stomachaches with frequent visits to the school nurse’s office (Sometimes this is a physical reactions to the extra stress they may be under)
  • Change in eating habits (ravenous when at home) and moods (sad, angry, moody, anxious, sullen, evasive, all with no explanation)
  • Waits until getting home to use the bathroom (School bathrooms are not adult-supervised and are common spots for bullying.)
  • Seems to have fewer friends, or their ‘usual’ group of friends is shifting or disappearing
  • Starts saying things about not being good enough or feeling lonely or helpless
  • Seems angry after using the computer or reading a text message (This could be a sign of cyber bullying.)
  • Starts to bully younger siblings or other children

If you notice these warning signs, it may be time to talk to their teacher, a school counselor or one of their peers to find more information. It also would mean a lot to your child if you give them an extra few minutes of the day to give them the opportunity to open up about what is going on. And do not hesitate to contact your Centennial teen counseling center for any questions or further help!