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South Denver Psychotherapy offers counseling to women by a woman. All issues are approached with compassion, respect, empathy and acceptance.

Women in our society face unique cultural pressures. As a woman, you have diverse and potentially conflicting life style alternatives. You can choose to follow a traditional life style, raising a family or you may forge a path of independence from family and individual autonomy; climbing the corporate ladder, for example. There are many life style variations between. Women can choose to have children or not; follow a career or focus on family; get married or stay single; or choose a partner, male or female. Within each of these life styles, we bring internalized expectations for ourselves and for others. The rules are not always conscious. With each of your life choices, there is inherent gain and loss.

Women face many conflicts today; being stretched too thin, care of upper and lower generations, the youth culture causing diminished self esteem, and a feeling of loss of meaning in our lives as we age. Midlife is often a time of evaluation. A triggering event can be kids leaving home, having children, infidelity, divorce, ill parents, spouse, partner, or kids, sudden change in employment or financial stability and/or simply a new awareness of dissatisfaction.

There are many issues facing women today:


Personal Growth and Fulfillment


Health issues, changes to body, weight issues

Self esteem and body image

Past or present trauma and abuse


Dealing with current relationships are high on the list of problems. It may be a loved one has changed, we have changed and they haven’t or greater insight has caused you to question your choices. Time, stress and living parallel lives may have caused your relationship to fade or become tumultuous. Women’s counseling can help you get a greater perspective of the situation, learn tools to communicate your new insights and support you in your quest for improvement or resolution.

Personal Growth and Fulfillment

As women get older, they often strive to become more authentic, wanting to feel more true to themselves. Counseling can help with clarifying and discovering our inner selves, use your wisdom, often ignored due to family and/or work pressures. Womens counseling begins with the process of self-knowledge, getting to know the “essence of you,” finding your roots and your strengths. Women’s counseling can help you accept yourself and find peace with who you are. From the foundation of self-acceptance, you can design your life, gain a greater sense of empowerment and control in there lives. We can also help by working with those you care about and help them accept your changes. By anticipating their reaction you will learn ways to gain the support of those around you.


Women are often in the nurturing role in relationships and families. They can feel conflicts between meeting the needs of others and taking care of themselves. Balancing work, care-giving, relationships, volunteerism and self-care can become very stressful. Often, women lose a sense of who they are and what is important to them. You may have resorted to acquiescing to others’ demands to keep the peace or alternately, having to nag to the point you don’t recognize yourself. Womens counseling can help you clarify what’s important, what is worth fighting for and what is not.

Women’s health issues, changes to body, weight issues

Many women experience fluctuating hormones not only on a monthly basis but also during and after pregnancy and the extended period of turmoil during peri-menopause and menopause. These changes and fluctuations can be confusing and demoralizing.  Crying for “no reason” or new quick to anger feelings may make one feel there is something wrong with them or ashamed or more angry. Women are also dealing with other health issues that occur as we age; acceptance, grieving our youth and having to work harder to stay healthy.

Weight gain and weight loss dominate women’s magazines and our culture. Huge amounts of money are spent on diets and exercise programs that are rarely successful. Counseling can help you get off the dieting merry-go-round and lift your energy and happiness. Your weight problem may be serious, as in obesity or anorexia, or less severe.  In womens counseling, we can look at the issues that are preventing success and help you deal with them. Counseling will help you re-focus the emphasis is on gaining health and vitality.

Self esteem and body image

Related to above, women in our country face pressures of youth worship and often over-emphasis on your looks and demeanor. Women often judge their worth by what the scale is showing.These pressures may feel superficial and are at the exclusion of the value you add from your intelligence, creatively, and uniqueness. You can feel pulled in so many directions that nothing you do seem as good as you feel you could do. The result might be an eroding sense of self esteem and fear of aging.

Issues we often address in Womens Counseling:

Depression • Loneliness • Major life transitions & changes
Anxiety • Self esteem • Menopause and peri-menopause
• Personal growth • Stress • Life management issues
• Values clarification • Grief • Dissatisfaction with life
• Procrastination • Aging parents • Divorce counseling & recovery
• Mid life crisis • Life Coaching • Communication problems
• Health and weight issues • Abuse & Trauma • Relationship counseling
• Money issues • Infidelity • Phobias & Panic Attacks
• Parenting issues • Codependency • Mental health issues

Counseling can help you understand the choices you have made to date, intentionally or not. As you gain knowledge of the direction that your life is taking, you can begin to make informed decisions on your priorities, what will make you happy and fulfilled, and then deal with any losses associated with options you may choose to leave behind. Counseling can help you feel comfortable making your choices and trusting your decisions.



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